New Hampshire

Our favorite part of Christmas is getting to spend quality time with our family and friends. Over the past few years, the holidays have changed for us as my parents now live halfway across the country - so before what used to be seeing everyone every holiday has turned in to swapping holidays every year. In some ways this change has been really difficult, it is hard to not see all your favorite people on a major family day but it has also taken a lot of stress off and allowed us MORE time each holiday for the ones we are with. 

This Christmas, we spent the day with Austin's family - laughing and joking around and obviously eating tons of delicious foods (Austin's mom is a stellar cook)! We started a new tradition this year too - Christmas mugging! Instead of a normal Yankee swap with random presents, everyone brings a fun/goofy mug to swap around. It was pretty hysterical to see some of the mugs that were brought (Austin's was a toilet shaped mug....I kid you not.). It was a relaxing and snowy day and we even snuck out during the storm to snap some fun photos. We hope you all enjoyed your holiday with family as much as we did!

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Black and white pom hat:  Loft | Red Vest and boots: GH Bass | Wool Blanket: Fairbault Woolen Mill | Gold + Opal rings: Sinead Cleary Jewelry