How to Rock your Engagement Session!

It is all so exciting - you're finally engaged and you and your fiance are excitedly talking about wedding plans and your future! Soon enough you realize it's time to book a photographer for your engagement session (and/or wedding) and maybe you are wondering how to get the most of your engagement session. Lucky for you, I have some great tips to rocking your engagement session!!

1. Pick a great photographer

Do your research! Consider the types of photos you want to hang in your home, do you envision bright and crisp photos, or maybe a little darker and moodier? Take some time to look through the work of the photographers your considering and try to picture yourself in the images. You can typically find engagement photos on the photographers blog, take some time to check them out and get a feel of what your session will look like! Choose a photographer whose work you really love!

2. Think about your personal style

Choose a feel for your session - do you want to be dressed laid back and comfy, or maybe in a fancy dress paired with a suit. Your wardrobe choice will have an affect on the feel of your photos, so choose outfits that reflect your personal style and character - it will feel so much more natural! Also, make sure to wear something you really love and feel good in, you want to feel your absolute best so you can enjoy the full experience and not worry about your look. The best advice for your outfit is no matter what style you pick try to choose colors that coordinate but don't match. Avoid having both of you in a strong pattern (plaid, stripes, argyle) - if one person wears a bold pattern have the other wear something more neutral to balance it out! 

3. Know your end goal

Think about how these photos will hang on your wall - do you want very formal posed images? Fun an goofy? Romantic and intimate? Know long before you book your session what you want - you will have these forever, so you want to love them! Choose something that is true to who you are as a couple and what will show off your personalities the best. 

4. Choose the right location

Picking a location can play a huge part in making your session awesome! Think about choosing a location that has meaning - maybe where he proposed, or where you had your first date - if those don't spark your fancy than choose a location you find stunning! If you're looking for a more urban feel, maybe have your session downtown of your favorite city. If you are feeling more adventurous, add in a short hike to a mountain location or to a gorgeous waterfall.