New Hampshire

Our favorite part of Christmas is getting to spend quality time with our family and friends. Over the past few years, the holidays have changed for us as my parents now live halfway across the country - so before what used to be seeing everyone every holiday has turned in to swapping holidays every year. In some ways this change has been really difficult, it is hard to not see all your favorite people on a major family day but it has also taken a lot of stress off and allowed us MORE time each holiday for the ones we are with. 

This Christmas, we spent the day with Austin's family - laughing and joking around and obviously eating tons of delicious foods (Austin's mom is a stellar cook)! We started a new tradition this year too - Christmas mugging! Instead of a normal Yankee swap with random presents, everyone brings a fun/goofy mug to swap around. It was pretty hysterical to see some of the mugs that were brought (Austin's was a toilet shaped mug....I kid you not.). It was a relaxing and snowy day and we even snuck out during the storm to snap some fun photos. We hope you all enjoyed your holiday with family as much as we did!

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Black and white pom hat:  Loft | Red Vest and boots: GH Bass | Wool Blanket: Fairbault Woolen Mill | Gold + Opal rings: Sinead Cleary Jewelry 

Hurricane Relief


We are devastated by the news of thousands of lives being affected by the onslaught of hurricanes. Just when it seemed as Harvey was enough, we have Irma and Jose to worry about. 

We have seen the stories and images coming out of the Caribbean as Irma destroys everything in it's path and heads straight toward Florida with Jose close behind. For those affected, the next few months will be a time of rebuilding and getting back on their feet and we want to help. We are releasing a few of our favorite water related prints for sale - with 100% of the profits going directly to hurricane relief. While it may be a small contribution on the grand scale, we know that every little bit helps. Please join us in helping these communities rebuild. 

To browse and order your print, click here! 

Travel: Camden, Maine

From the time I was 4 years old until I graduated high school, my family spent time each summer camping in Maine. I remember the anticipation as we packed up the truck and trailer, the what seemed like never ending drive, and then the excitement as we pulled in to the campground to be greeted by Jon and Lori. We would spend our time walking around Camden, kayaking in the bay, playing at our favorite local beach spot and cooking lobsters on the wood fired pit. Our trips to Rockport/Camden were some of my favorite of all time.

It is no surprise then that as I got older and vacations became less frequent that I yearned to go back there. To see the familiar schooners in the bay, to walk along the beach and eat some of the best seafood around. I kept telling Austin, "we MUST go to Camden soon!!" and after years of talking about it, I was finally able to go there with him and show him the place that holds so many of my memories. 

We decided that for our one year wedding anniversary we would spend a long weekend in Camden. It was late September, so past the busy season and just a little bit chilly for adventures on the coast but we didn't care. We packed up our cars and left on a  Friday afternoon, driving from our home up to Camden. We arrive around 4 pm and went straight to my favorite place, the boat yard. As we walked down the path towards the docks I couldn't help but smile - the docks looked just as I remembered and full of many of the same schooners and windjammers that I had loved as a kid. I was as giddy as a little kid dragging Austin all over the docks, showing him my favorite boats including the Appledore! After walking around for a while we went up to the Sea Dog Brewery for dinner and had the pleasure of sitting on the back deck under the patio lights, looking over the harbor that I love. We had some delicious fresh seafood and relaxed before heading back to Thomaston for the night.

The next morning we were up early to go down to the Breakwater Lighthouse. It was a sunny and gorgeous day with the smell of the salt on the wind as we walked down the breakwater to the lighthouse. There were windjammers were sailing around the harbor, bypassing the lobster boats filled with the freshest catch. The lighthouse was beautiful as ever, standing with such dignity protecting the harbor and sailors heading in and out. We enjoyed walking around the lighthouse and the beach around the jetty before heading back to town. Austin and I wandered around downtown Camden, in and out of all the little local shops and cafes. We ate lunch in town and enjoyed the quiet ease of this quaint town. The huge benefit of visiting in the off-season is how quiet the town is. You can easily grab a seat in the restaurants and not run in to too much traffic on the beaches and trails.

We finished up Saturday with something I had been looking forward to all weekend - a sunset cruise on the Appledore! My love for this schooner goes back to being 6 years old and taking a cruise through the harbor with my parents and brother. I remember watching my dad help the crew hoist the sails up while the captain gave orders. I remember the breeze in my hair as my brother and I sat at the front of the boat, overlooking the beautiful harbor and hoping to catch sight of a porpoise or seal. To say I was just a little excited to take Austin on the Appledore would be an understatement. We boarded the beautiful schooner and found a great seat towards the bow, we grabbed a blanket and wrapped up next to each other eager to be on our way.  As we pulled out of the docks and made our way in to the harbor, the crew started to raise the sails and it is like watching a dance; the movement of the sails and ropes as they get them up and tied off. We had the most gorgeous sunset over the mountains as we cruised around - it was the end to a perfect day. It filled my heart to get to share this place and that experience with Austin after talking about it for years - it was a great getaway for sure!

Grateful 52 - #2

Hey friends! I can't believe January is already coming to an end and with it means its my Dad's birthday! This makes it the perfect week to tell you all about my family. I am beyond grateful for my family and all the support they have given over the years. Probably the best way to describe my family is loud, entertaining, outgoing and adventurous. The four of us, my mom and dad and older brother, have always been ready to take on the world and learn new things. 


The word that comes to mind when I think of my dad is "run". An avid runner and marathoner, he is incredibly self disciplined and determined in everything he does. He is such a hard worker and always instilled such work ethic in to my brother and I. This isn't to say he can't have fun - I attribute all of my goofy quirks to be from him and it's awesome. I can remember as a kid going to the store and him turning his ball cap sideways and walking around like  a goof to make us all laugh. He's one of a kind and never afraid to be himself which I appreciate so much. 



My mom is the artist of the family. She is creative and intellectual all in the same breath. She has an eye for beauty and pattern that mine will never come close to. She loves browsing antique stores and has a knack for taking old pieces and re-purposing them in to beautiful and functional pieces for the home. Whenever I find myself in need of some ideas and inspiration, I always know I can call my mom and talk through some ideas. Other than being the creative heart behind me, she is also my biggest fan and confidant who I know I can rely on. 


My brother is definitely the outgoing charmer of the family. He is always ready to talk and meet new people and have a good time. I can always rely on him to back me up in silly and stupid situations and I know that I can call him for an adventure any time. He is the one who taught me to be confident in myself, to never lose sight of who I am and to never take life to seriously. There is always room for a little fun. RJ is a talented cook and always whips up something delicious as well as being an avid outdoorsmen, fisherman and new hunter. Life definitely wouldn't be the same without him around to adventure with!


The newest member of my family is my brother's wife, Lauren. She is definitely more than a sister-in-law and I'm happy to finally have a sister to lean on in life. This girl is incredibly kind and sweet and cares so deeply for her family. She is excelling at her job in the social work field all while getting her masters. I am constantly inspired by her drive and ambition in life to care for those around her and succeed in her passions. I'm so thankful to have her in my life!

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Grateful 52 - #1

This year I started a personal project to work through 52 weeks of gratefulness. There is so much happening in the world today that it can be easy to get lost in the negativity and troubles of life. I want to make a point in 2017 to remember all of the things I have to be grateful for - all the things that have shaped who I have become. 

For week one I am grateful for my husband, Austin. We met early in high school and ever since he has been my best friend. Austin is kind, loving, incredibly patient, supportive beyond belief and well grounded. But beyond that he makes the best pot of coffee, always gets us places even when I give bad directions, loves all the pets I insist we have, photographs along side me, and further more he is awesome to snuggle with at movie night. It wasn't long after we started dating that I knew without a doubt in my mind that this would be the man I would marry and 7 years later we did just that. Standing on the grass with the sun on our backs and the mountains behind us we got married surrounded by our closest friends and family. Over the last year and a few months of being married we have had amazing experiences and grown so much together - and I can't wait for the next 60+ years! Here's to the people in our lives who love us and make us better people! I hope this reminds you to tell them how much they mean to you!

Much love,

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Cardigan Mountain Orchard - Apple Picking

Cardigan Mountain Orchard - Alexandria, NH

Sunday, Austin and I decided to unplug from life and go out adventuring (in the rain). We decided to check out Cardigan Mountain Orchard since we had never been there before. The beautiful orchard is nestled on the side of a hill with a gorgeous view of the fall colors and mountains. The small family run orchard offers pick your own apples in the fall and they feature 15 varieties of apples. To make it even better, their shop offers apple cider donuts, fresh cider, and other delicious treats! We wandered around the orchard for a while, leisurely picking apples and enjoying the view. For anyone looking for a great place to PYO apples, make sure to give them a try!!

Spring Brunch

Nothing screams first day of spring than a pretty table set up for delicious brunch! Spring brunch is not complete without tulips, tea, pretty plates and chocolate filled biscuits. Warm weather is around the corner which means a full spring bridal shoot, weddings and more are coming soon! Enjoy these styled brunch photos!

Hello, Lovely

Hey everyone!! Thank you for taking the time to check out my website and to read the first of many blog posts to come! I want to give you all a little background about myself and how AB Photography came to be. 

So welcome! My name is Abby Blake and I am a portrait and equine photographer based out of the north woods of New Hampshire. I got started with photography in high school shooting with my dads old 35mm film camera along with a tiny digital point and shoot. I was very blessed to have a photography and arts teacher who not only taught me how to develop my own film but let me spend countless hours and free periods in our school dark room practicing. That was the beginning of the end for me! A couple of years down the line I was able to get my first DSLR to take with me to college. So off I went to Montana State University in the heart of God's country to one of the most beautiful places I ever dreamed of. Montana is somewhat of a photographers dream - the landscape is beautiful and seemingly endless and I loved photographing there. From then on my camera basically went everywhere with me, from Montana to Idaho, San Francisco, Nevada, North Dakota, the Badlands, Yellowstone, Minnesota, Michigan, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Florida and so many places in between. Years of photographing as purely a hobby lead me to where I am today, working on a growing photography business centered around portraits, weddings and equestrian photography. 

Other than my full time job and this blossoming business, I keep myself busy adventuring and traveling with my sweet husband Austin; who is currently building his own dream in the music industry with a growing band, Ana Saphirra. Just married in September of 2015, we are high school sweethearts who are happily enjoying our first year of marriage. Along with us for the ride are our two adorable and naughty cats, Sage and Gretchen as well as my beloved American Quarter Horse, Sunshines Bonita - fondly known as B. 

Welcome to the life behind AB Photography - I can't wait to get to connect with many of you!

photo by Simply Equine Design

Above photo by Simply Equine Design