{SNEAK PEEK} Robyn + John - a classic Vermont farm wedding!

The Mansfield Barn - Jericho, Vermont

Saturday’s Vermont barn wedding was nothing short of gorgeous and classic! While the day may have started with ominous storm clouds looming over it sure didn’t last!

Robyn and John were determined to have a fun and light-hearted day surrounded by their family and closest friends and they got just that. They chose to start their day with a sweet first look at the covered bridge in town. When we arrived at the bridge and stepped out of the car, all we could see was John at the end of the bridge with his back to us, patiently waiting on his bride. We walked out to meet him and watched the excitement rise on Robyn’s face as she got closer and closer to John. Soon enough she was close enough to reach him and as he turned around, his face said it all. He quickly wrapped her up in his arms and told her how gorgeous she looked as they kissed in the middle of the covered bridge. Their sweet first look lead in to the most perfect time for portraits of the two of them as they laughed and kissed and danced in the field!

Now, with all the nervous jitters out of the way, they could get their ceremony under way. As Robyn walked down the aisle to John, overlooking the Vermont mountains and surrounded by friends and family – all you could feel was happiness. The day continued on with fun and festivities that we can’t wait to share more of!

Stay tuned for the full post to come!

Photography: AB Photography | Venue: The Mansfield Barn | Florist: Chappell’s Florist | Catering: The Waterfront Catering Group | Cake: Frosted VT | DJ: Super Sounds DJ | Dress: Maggie Sottero | Bridesmaid’s Hair: Liliana’s Hair | Bride’s Hair: Lauryn Spittle | Makeup: Mirror Mirror

new england outdoor wedding - vermont
new england outdoor wedding - vermont
new england outdoor wedding - vermont
new england outdoor wedding - vermont

First Looks, and why they are awesome!

During your wedding planning process you may have heard the term "first look" thrown around and wondered what it was, or maybe you know but thought it wasn't a good traditional wedding idea - well today I'm going to tell you what a first look is and why it is an awesome idea!

First we will start with what a first look is - just imagine for a moment. You've spent the morning getting all prepped and ready. Getting in to your wedding dress you painstakingly picked out months before. You say good bye to your wedding party and walk out to a secluded location. There in the distance, your soon-to-be-husband is standing with his back to you. With anxious anticipation you slowly make your way towards him, hardly able to contain your excitement. You finally get close enough to reach out and tap his shoulder, he excitedly turns around with a huge smile on his face and picks you up in a warm embrace. You are able to take a few minutes to excitedly talk and spend your last precious moments together before being married. Doesn't this sounds perfect?!?! This is what a first look is all about - intimate moments and memories to last a lifetime!

So a few reasons why you should at least consider a first look!

1. By seeing each other before the ceremony you are able to take everything in, calm each other down a little and a have peaceful moment to start your day. We believe first looks help you to take in your whole ceremony from a 'slightly' calmer place as you have already seen each other and gotten the nervousness out. 

2. You have more time for photos! As photographers we may be a little biased but we think the more time the better!! But really, the nice thing about first look photos is your hair and make up are fresh and your groom's suit has no wrinkles so this is a great time for fresh photos. Plus, all of the emotion of getting to see each other leads to beautiful emotion and the chance for you to interact as naturally as possible. Without the nervousness of being in front of all your guests, first looks allow for raw and emotional photos that couples always love!

3. You don't have to worry about light. Depending on the time of year and ceremony start time, there may be less time for pretty outdoor family and portrait photos. First looks allow for the bulk of portraits to be done pre-ceremony meaning less chance of it being overly dark for your session. 

4. You get to your cocktail hour quicker! For some people this is a deal breaker - if you want to enjoy your cocktail hour with all your guests then a first look can definitely help! As stated above, it helps get the majority of portraits done pre-ceremony and leaves fewer things to be formally photographed after the ceremony - getting you to your guests quicker. 

All in all, you have to choose what works best for you and there is certainly no right or wrong answer! No matter what, your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life! Need help coming up with fun ideas for a first look? Stay tuned as they will be hitting the blog soon!

{SNEAK PEEK} Susan + Mitch - Classy Common Man Wedding

The Common Man - Claremont, NH

SNEAK PEEK: The days leading up to this beautiful New Hampshire outdoor wedding were filled with some nerve wracking reports of huge storms and the morning of Susan and Mitch's big day started with ominous clouds circling above. As we hopped in the car to drive to the venue the skies opened and it rained HARD! But, as we got closer and closer to The Common Man the sun started poking through and we knew it would be a perfect day. 

We arrived at the Common Man to find it perfectly set with every fine detail that Susan spent so much time making gorgeous. Surrounded by her beautiful sisters and friends Susan made her way down to the courtyard where Mitch was excitedly waiting. A short and sweet ceremony ended with cheers from the crowd and the biggest smiles from the newlyweds!

Stay tuned for the full gallery and blog, coming soon!!

Photography: AB Photography | Venue: The Common Man | Florals: Zana Kehm Design | Band: The Conniption Fits

Rachel + Dave - A Sunapee Summer Wedding

Loon Lake Campground - Croydon NH

We woke up yesterday to beautiful blue skies and a refreshing breeze and I knew then that Rachel + Dave's big day was going to be perfect. As Rachel walked down the aisle with her ever-so-supportive father on one side and her sweet and sassy little Eloise on the other, I couldn't help but look at Dave - the excited smile on his face said it all as he waited (almost) patiently for Rachel to make her way to him. A short and sweet ceremony ended with a passionate kiss and an uproar of clapping! The entire day was filled with laughter, dancing, kids running around and plenty of good times had by all. It was an honor to be a part of their day and we can't wait to share more of their wedding with you! For now, enjoy these sneak peek photos!

Venue: Loon Lake Campground | Florals: Safflowers | Gown: A Day to Remember | Jewelry: Boulder Bangles

Three Tricks to Beautiful Getting Ready Photos

I'm sure many of you have scrolled through photographers photos and Pinterest at all the gorgeous wedding photos, especially those getting ready photos; the classic beauties with your girls helping button up your dress and your last few moments before you are married. These moments are so special and deserve to be captured as part of your legacy! Many brides have asked me what they should have in their bridal suite to get the best getting ready photos and I have decided to rally these tips in to one helpful post for all of you!

  • First things first, choose a bridal suite that has plenty of natural light or access to an open window/door. That soft pretty light flooding through a window will help show off all your gorgeous dress details and you will look absolutely radiant! Soak in a little extra sun before getting ready to help relax! 
  • Keep your bridal suite uncluttered! You want the time before your wedding to be relaxing and keeping the space your in tidy will help alleviate any extra anxiety. Plus, you don't want extra odds and ends ending up in your photographs!
  • Have all of your accessories in one place. Make sure to have your shoes, jewelry and any little keepsakes you will have on you close by to your dress - this saves time as you're getting ready and makes sure nothing is missed! 

Travel: Camden, Maine

From the time I was 4 years old until I graduated high school, my family spent time each summer camping in Maine. I remember the anticipation as we packed up the truck and trailer, the what seemed like never ending drive, and then the excitement as we pulled in to the campground to be greeted by Jon and Lori. We would spend our time walking around Camden, kayaking in the bay, playing at our favorite local beach spot and cooking lobsters on the wood fired pit. Our trips to Rockport/Camden were some of my favorite of all time.

It is no surprise then that as I got older and vacations became less frequent that I yearned to go back there. To see the familiar schooners in the bay, to walk along the beach and eat some of the best seafood around. I kept telling Austin, "we MUST go to Camden soon!!" and after years of talking about it, I was finally able to go there with him and show him the place that holds so many of my memories. 

We decided that for our one year wedding anniversary we would spend a long weekend in Camden. It was late September, so past the busy season and just a little bit chilly for adventures on the coast but we didn't care. We packed up our cars and left on a  Friday afternoon, driving from our home up to Camden. We arrive around 4 pm and went straight to my favorite place, the boat yard. As we walked down the path towards the docks I couldn't help but smile - the docks looked just as I remembered and full of many of the same schooners and windjammers that I had loved as a kid. I was as giddy as a little kid dragging Austin all over the docks, showing him my favorite boats including the Appledore! After walking around for a while we went up to the Sea Dog Brewery for dinner and had the pleasure of sitting on the back deck under the patio lights, looking over the harbor that I love. We had some delicious fresh seafood and relaxed before heading back to Thomaston for the night.

The next morning we were up early to go down to the Breakwater Lighthouse. It was a sunny and gorgeous day with the smell of the salt on the wind as we walked down the breakwater to the lighthouse. There were windjammers were sailing around the harbor, bypassing the lobster boats filled with the freshest catch. The lighthouse was beautiful as ever, standing with such dignity protecting the harbor and sailors heading in and out. We enjoyed walking around the lighthouse and the beach around the jetty before heading back to town. Austin and I wandered around downtown Camden, in and out of all the little local shops and cafes. We ate lunch in town and enjoyed the quiet ease of this quaint town. The huge benefit of visiting in the off-season is how quiet the town is. You can easily grab a seat in the restaurants and not run in to too much traffic on the beaches and trails.

We finished up Saturday with something I had been looking forward to all weekend - a sunset cruise on the Appledore! My love for this schooner goes back to being 6 years old and taking a cruise through the harbor with my parents and brother. I remember watching my dad help the crew hoist the sails up while the captain gave orders. I remember the breeze in my hair as my brother and I sat at the front of the boat, overlooking the beautiful harbor and hoping to catch sight of a porpoise or seal. To say I was just a little excited to take Austin on the Appledore would be an understatement. We boarded the beautiful schooner and found a great seat towards the bow, we grabbed a blanket and wrapped up next to each other eager to be on our way.  As we pulled out of the docks and made our way in to the harbor, the crew started to raise the sails and it is like watching a dance; the movement of the sails and ropes as they get them up and tied off. We had the most gorgeous sunset over the mountains as we cruised around - it was the end to a perfect day. It filled my heart to get to share this place and that experience with Austin after talking about it for years - it was a great getaway for sure!

Meg + Ryan: Winter Engagement Session

Concord, New Hampshire

It was one of the warmest winter days in February when I met with Meg and Ryan for their outdoor winter engagement session. This outgoing and fun couple arrived excited and ready to spend the afternoon together exploring parts of Concord! What struck me most about them right off the bat was their natural ease together, they joked and played with such an easy sense of humor and made you feel like old fast friends. We walked and talked around the park hearing of their relationship and proposal and now wedding planning experience. It was easy to see that these two will make it far in life with their easy going attitudes and ability to laugh together, 'cuz life is so much better when we don't take ourselves too seriously! Meg + Ryan are amping up for what will be an epic mountaintop wedding ceremony with the beautiful White Mountains for a back drop complete with a gondola ride!  


Kelsey + Andrew: Snowy Engagement Session at Quechee Inn

Quechee Inn at Marshland Farms - Quechee, Vermont

Kelsey and Andrew's perfect New England winter engagement session took place at the beautiful Quechee Inn in Quechee, Vermont - the same location where their upcoming wedding will be! When Kelsey and I first talked about their session she said she really wanted a snowy winter session and boy is that what she got! The day of their shoot was a huge nor'easter that brought with it a foot of fluffy snow and beautiful huge snowflakes. After arriving at the farm we ventured out across the property, roaming through the snow covered fields, up pretty hiking trails and down to the pond where Andrew proposed. It was so much fun watching these two enjoy the company of each other as they laughed, played and snuggled in the winter wonderland. 

While we were meandering around the property I asked about the proposal and Kelsey's gorgeous engagement ring. Her ring was two bands intertwined and she told me how Andrew secretly went to her grandmother and got her wedding ring to use in Kelsey's ring as one of the intertwined pieces - with the help of the family, Andrew was able to keep it a secret until the big day of the proposal. Andrew proposed in front of the pond at Quechee Inn, a place that Kelsey had always loved and grown up so close to. 

I can't wait to photograph what will be a beautiful wedding for these two!

Top 4 Things to do with Your Gown after Your Big Day!

Hey friends! Let's just take a minute and think back on the day you found your wedding dress. You probably tried on numerous dresses in many styles when suddenly you found, the one. You felt amazing in it and you knew this was the dress you had to have for your day. So you bought the dress of your dreams and had the most magical wedding that you always wanted. You're back from your honeymoon and loving this new life yet every time you open your closet your dress is just....hanging there. While many people like the idea of saving their dress for their daughter to wear, there are many who want fun things to do with the dress after. Below are some awesome things you can do with your dress if you decide to not save it for later, enjoy!

1. Utilize the scraps or layers

If you're anything like me, you had to get your dress tailored and hemmed to the right size which may have left you with some scraps and pieces of lace. Consider using some of the scrap pieces to add some flare to some simple white throw pillows or sew some of the lace to a pretty white clutch. If you're feeling like using more of your dress there are plenty of vendors on Etsy who will make custom designed pillows and decor for you when you send your dress. One super cool thing to do if your dress has lace pieces is to have  necklace made with some of the pieces! This is a great shop on Etsy (click here!) that will make beautiful pendants with your dress so you can wear it forever!

2. Trash the Dress

Plan a fun photo shoot for you and your new husband where you get to do some crazy activity in your dress! Some people go paint balling, mudding with their ATV's, jump in the ocean and more! Pick something fun that shows off your personality and get a little crazy! You will have your gorgeous wedding photos and your fun shoot photos to have some fun memories!

3. Donate your dress

There are numerous organizations you can donate your dress to. One of my favorite places is Brides Across America - which works to supply wedding gowns to military brides taking out one stress and financial factor for those serving our country. You can check them out here! about Another great place to donate is to Wish Upon a Wedding to help terminally-ill brides have the wedding of their dreams. You can find more information about them here!

4. Re-sell your dress

If you're looking to re-sell your dress you can check out Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses. Here you can buy and sell dresses easily by just simply setting up an account! There is only a $25 listing fee for selling a dress and then zero commission afterwards. Head on over to their site to see how easy you can re-sell your beautiful gown!  

Ashley Largesse Retreat at Gedney Farm - Sneak Peek!

The last few days in the Berkshires has been amazing! The Ashley Largesse Retreat was full of great people, incredible business advice, a beautiful styled shoot and a great mentor. Ashley's teaching style is both inspiring and full of great insight as she helped us unlock the heart behind our business and hone in our photography skills. Our time together was not long enough! Here is a quick sneak peek of the retreat!

Instructor: Ashley Largesse | Venue: Gedney Farm | Floral Design: The Wild Dahlia | Hair & Make up: @biancanastaridesigns | Gown: Everthine Bridal | Stationery: Christa Alexandra Designs | Jewelry: Edera Jewelry | Macrame Backdrop: Niroma Studio | Calligraphy: @lindslovesbird | Rentals: Vermont Tent | Silk Ribbon & Table Runner: Honey Silks Co | Bridesmaid Dress: Vow to Be Chic | Model Bride: @melissamirandaxoxo | Model Groom: @djmayorga05 | Model Bridesmaid: @jackie_morgan_ | Sponsor: Honeybook | Sponsor: @designbybittersweet | Watercolor art: @welivedhappilyeverafter