Equine photographer

Brannigan - Senior Session

Loudon, New Hampshire

I love photographing seniors and getting to see a glimpse in to their lives and passions by what they bring to the shoot. Brannigan was no exception. This girl is one of many talents; other than being beautiful and smart she is a dedicated athlete, an accomplished equestrian in the AQHA show circuit as well as a hard worker with learning diesel mechanics! Talented would be an understatement! It was great getting to spend time photographing her and her quarter horse, Mick, who she wanted a part of the session! Best of luck for the rest of your senior year!

Hello, Lovely

Hey everyone!! Thank you for taking the time to check out my website and to read the first of many blog posts to come! I want to give you all a little background about myself and how AB Photography came to be. 

So welcome! My name is Abby Blake and I am a portrait and equine photographer based out of the north woods of New Hampshire. I got started with photography in high school shooting with my dads old 35mm film camera along with a tiny digital point and shoot. I was very blessed to have a photography and arts teacher who not only taught me how to develop my own film but let me spend countless hours and free periods in our school dark room practicing. That was the beginning of the end for me! A couple of years down the line I was able to get my first DSLR to take with me to college. So off I went to Montana State University in the heart of God's country to one of the most beautiful places I ever dreamed of. Montana is somewhat of a photographers dream - the landscape is beautiful and seemingly endless and I loved photographing there. From then on my camera basically went everywhere with me, from Montana to Idaho, San Francisco, Nevada, North Dakota, the Badlands, Yellowstone, Minnesota, Michigan, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Florida and so many places in between. Years of photographing as purely a hobby lead me to where I am today, working on a growing photography business centered around portraits, weddings and equestrian photography. 

Other than my full time job and this blossoming business, I keep myself busy adventuring and traveling with my sweet husband Austin; who is currently building his own dream in the music industry with a growing band, Ana Saphirra. Just married in September of 2015, we are high school sweethearts who are happily enjoying our first year of marriage. Along with us for the ride are our two adorable and naughty cats, Sage and Gretchen as well as my beloved American Quarter Horse, Sunshines Bonita - fondly known as B. 

Welcome to the life behind AB Photography - I can't wait to get to connect with many of you!

photo by Simply Equine Design

Above photo by Simply Equine Design